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Implementing modal dialog functions with Promise based dialog results in Angular

Tributes Special thanks to Roy Drenker, who inspired me to the implementation demonstrated in this article. The problem When it comes to modal dialogs in your Web application, you of…

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Using TypeScript Enums in Angular Templates

TypeScript offers a very convenient feature, Enum: It allows you to specify a possible property value from a predefined set of values using meaningful names, instead of the numeric constants…

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Integrating Wijmo Controls with Module Loaders and Bundlers

We’ve recently received a barrage of questions regarding Wijmo integration with various module loaders and bundlers (like SystemJS, WebPack, Angular CLI, etc), which is possible, but requires a number of…

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Video: Creating an Angular 2 Application with Wijmo Controls Session at Echo 2016

GrapeCity has been developing JavaScript products for over six years, and in summer of 2016, hosted two global conferences on JavaScript in Seoul and Tokyo. Chris Bannon, Wijmo product manager,…

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Using Class Inheritance to Create a Custom Component in Angular 2

As part of the Angular 2 custom component series, today we’re looking into how to create a custom component by inheriting a base class. Specifically, we’ll create an InheritedGrid by…

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