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Webinar: Get Started with JavaScript Frameworks (and select one for your team)

Selecting the best JavaScript framework for your project and your team can be a difficult choice. In this webinar, I’ll take you through the top five JavaScript frameworks. Video Slide…

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Reducing Code Size Using Wijmo

The new year has arrived, and one of my resolutions is to get a little bit leaner by cutting down on my code size! Trimming down code size in your…

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How to export selected rows of FlexGrid to a PDF file

Recently, I received an inquiry about exporting selected data from a FlexGrid to a PDF document. I found this interesting. While we often brag about the amount of data the…

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Rethinking the Periodic Table with Wijmo’s Sunburst

Note: I wrote a follow-up blog post that expands on this one by covering some ways that Wijmo can help optimize your code. The sample link in this post now…

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How to Create a Dynamic Dashboard in React

A while ago one of our customers asked for a sample showing how to create a “dynamic dashboard”—one like those you can create in the Google Analytics app. The image…

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