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Two ES6 Features You Should Be Using Today

We’ve all been following the progress of the JavaScript language, from its humble beginnings (ECMAStript 3, in 1999) to the version that is part of the HTML5 standard (ECMAScript 5,…

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Creating Custom Wijmo 5 Controls

As you may know, we have created our own architecture for creating Controls in JavaScript. So, now I’d like to show you how to write custom Controls that extend our…

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Wijmo 5 has Landed

It is a great honor to introduce you to Wijmo 5, our new generation of JavaScript Controls. This is a monumental release for us, because it marks a significant shift…

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Wijmo 5 Control Architecture

Wijmo 5 is a set of JavaScript Controls, not to be confused with Widgets. Previously, we were able to utilize Widget frameworks like jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. This saved…

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