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Fluent 2017 Takeaways: Conference Impact a Month Later

In 2017, Fluent Made a Friend About a month ago, I was fortunate enough to attend O’Reilly’s Fluent conference in sunny (and hot) San Jose. Even though I’ve been working…

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Happy Birthday, Wijmo 5!

It’s hard to believe Wijmo is another year old! Wijmo is six years old, and Wijmo 5 is officially two years old. Last year I wrote up a five year history of Wijmo, so this year, let’s look…

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Angular Meetup at Fluent Conference Sponsored by Wijmo

[Brad runs to the stage!] Heather (O’Reilly): Are you brad? Brad Green (Google): Yes! Hi! Heather: Thanks for getting this together O’Reilly. Brad: I’d like to intro my team. Gentlemen…

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