Explore Wijmo

Explore all of Wijmo in this demo. It showcases every Wijmo widget and highlights specific features for each widget. Every sample displays the source code used to create it. If you want to see what Wijmo has to offer, you should check out this demo.


Explore Mobile

View our jQuery Mobile Widget Explorer. Make sure to see how it responds to different devices like phones and tablets.


Explore SpreadJS

SpreadJS Demos

Explore features of SpreadJS in these demos. They showcase specific features and some typical use cases. Every sample displays the source code used to create it. If you want to see what SpreadJS has to offer, you should check out these demos.

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Theme Explorer

Explore the vast array of themes that Wijmo supports including our own premium themes as well as the 24 jQuery UI themes from Themeroller.


Northwind Traders

Mobile Application made with Wijmo AppView, AjaxDataView and a Northwind REST service. This application uses AppView for layout, structure and navigation.

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Bootstrap Explorer

You have the freedom to use Bootstrap with Wijmo. All of our widget integrate seamlessly with the Bootstrap theme framework.

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AngularJS Explorer

Wijmo ships with Angular directives for all its widgets. This makes it easy to develop and maintain AngularJS applications, with views that contain pure markup and little or no script.

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Grid Benchamrk

Performance and features go hand in hand. See how our grid stacks up against some other grids in features and performance. Notice that the wijmo grid loads 5 records in the same time that it loads 50,000.

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Sales Dashboard

This sample implements a quarterly sales dashboard using sparklines and bullet charts in addition to traditional charts and gauges.

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An interactive geographic dashboard for analyzing demographic data built with Angular. This is the AngularJS version of the sample written to demonstrate MVVM patterns in Javascript/HTML5.

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Implements a stock browser application similar to Google Finance built with Angular.

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Shopping Cart

Implements a simple store with a shopping cart built with Angular. This sample uses Wijmo, AngularJS, and Bootstrap.

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MVVM Dashboard

Check out this sales dashboard built with Wijmo and Knockout. This samples uses the MVVM pattern and has a very clean and maintainable code base. Each Wijmo widget automatically adapts to changes in the data.

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An interactive geographic dashboard for analyzing demographic data. The map in this application is an ESRI ArcGIS map widget. It also uses Wijmo for UI controls that support MVVM in JavaScript. This sample utilizes the Wijmo Bar Chart and Radial Gauge widgets to visualize the data.

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Implements a stock browser application similar to Google Finance. This sample follows the MVVM pattern. The ViewModel contains a Portfolio class with a list of items which correspond to stocks. This data allows the application to show the gain realized for each item as well as a chart that allows users to compare the performance of each stock.

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OData Explorer

This sample shows how Wijmo Data can be used to retrieve data from arbitrary OData endpoints that meet certain requirements. The OData results are then bound to and displayed in the Wijmo Grid.

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Knockout Color Picker

This is a nice application for learning to use Knockout and Wijmo together. It has a simple ViewModel for Red, Green and Blue observable properties and calculates the colors based on those values. It also uses the Wijmo Slider and TextBox for UI components.

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Stock Portfolio

This is an interactive application for looking at stock market data. The UI features a zoom chart created with two Wijmo line charts and a slider. It even has a mobile version made with jQuery Mobile!

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Demographix Map

This sample is built on top of the ESRI Sample: Querying Demographic Data and Display in Chart. We added the Wijmo pie chart in an overlay that displays demographic data as a county is clicked on the map, along with the slider and tooltip.



This demo is a dashboard built with Wijmo that displays data from the StackOverflow API. It demonstrates the use of binding external JSON data to the Wijmo grid, bar chart, line chart and pie chart. The grid and pie chart are bound to the same datasource. We use the chart to visualize data and the grid to sort it.