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For questions or a price quotation, contact sales at 412-681-4343 or sales@wijmo.com


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A La Carte

Commercial OEM License

If you want to use Wijmo to create your own commercially licensed SDK, or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Since use cases vary widely, Commercial OEM licenses are customized for each customer.

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Purchase FAQs


Can I pay via a purchase order?

Here's how to pay via purchase order.

I have already purchased Wijmo. Where can I download files?

Sign in to your account for full access to downloads and registration.

How much does it cost to renew or upgrade my Wijmo product?

Check Upgrades and Renewal Pricing.

Can I try a free trial of Wijmo?

Yes, a trial version can be downloaded from our site.

Can I use the evaluation version of Wijmo for personal or non-commercial use?

The CLA does not support using the evaluation version for personal or non-commercial use. The free trial is just 30 days.

How many projects can I build with a license of Wijmo?

Wijmo includes royalty-free distribution. Therefore, you can use one Wijmo license on as many projects as you like.

How many developers can use a license of Wijmo?

The Wijmo Commercial License grants one developer rights to use Wijmo. Each developer using Wijmo needs to purchase a license.

Will I get upgrades with my license?

Wijmo purchases include upgrades during the 1-year subscription. You can renew at the end of the year to continue receiving upgrades.

Is the Wijmo product line available through a reseller network?

Yes, Wijmo is offered through a worldwide distribution network. Simply select your preferred vendor from our reseller page.

How do I become part of the Wijmo reseller network?

If you are interested in becoming an authorized Wijmo reseller or distributor, please contact us at partners@componentone.com.



Do you offer volume discounts?

You can buy a 5-pack or 10-pack in the online shopping cart, both of which include Platinum support. Additional volume discounts are available for enterprise-scale orders. Contact sales at sales@wijmo.com or call 1.800.858.2739.

How are multi-packs licensed?

Like individual licenses, they are per developer and perpetual, and include a one-year subscription for free upgrades. Subscriptions can be renewed at the end of the year to continue receiving upgrades.

How do I renew a subscription for a multi-pack?

Renew the multi-pack subscription as you would any other Wijmo product. Platinum support will also be included in the renewal.

Can I upgrade my individual licenses to a multi-pack?

You can buy a new license for a multi-pack with Platinum support, and allow your existing individual subscriptions to expire (or renew them, as needed).

How do I purchase a multi-pack?

You can buy through our shopping cart, email sales@wijmo.com, or call us at 1.800.858.2739.

Can I downgrade from a multi-pack to fewer individual licenses?

You can buy new individual licenses and allow your existing multi-pack subscription to expire (or renew, as needed).

Can I get a multi-pack without Platinum support?

All multi-packs include Platinum support. If you do not want Platinum support, but would like a volume discount, we offer discounts at purchases of 10 or more licenses. Contact sales@wijmo.com for details.



What is included with a new Wijmo Enterprise license?

What is the difference between Wijmo 5 and Wijmo 3?

Wijmo 5 is a set of JavaScript controls and is meant for modern web and mobile browsers. You should use Wijmo 5 if you want fast and lightweight controls and your application can enforce modern browser support (developed for Internet Explorer 9 or higher).

Wijmo 3 is a set of jQuery UI widgets and is meant for broad browser support, including IE6. You should use Wijmo 3 if you want jQuery UI widgets and your application needs to work on older browsers like IE6.

Can I use Wijmo 3 and Wijmo 5 in the same project?

Yes, it is possible to use both Wijmo 3 and Wijmo 5 in the same project. But we only recommend doing this during a transition period. They are very different products with different purposes.

Can I migrate my project from Wijmo 3 to Wijmo 5?

While it is possible to replace certain Wijmo 3 widgets with Wijmo 5 controls, Wijmo 5 does not have a simple migration path from Wijmo 3. It will require significant changes in code and markup.

How long will Wijmo 3 be sold and supported?

We will be maintaining Wijmo 3 into the foreseeable future. We built a product of widgets that uses Progressive Enhancement and works everywhere, including IE6. Wijmo 3 is still a viable product for many customers and we will continue to support you.