Upgrades and Renewal Pricing

With the purchase of a Wijmo license, you get one year of a free subscription, which includes all the releases and builds within that calendar year. If you’d like to continue getting Wijmo releases and builds, you can renew your subscription. (Your license is perpetual.)

Standard Support Platinum Support Standard Support Platinum Support
Ultimate $995 $1,295 $1,595 $1,895
Wijmo Enterprise $595 $895 $995 $1,295
Wijmo 5 $345 $645 N/A N/A
Wijmo 5 Plus FinancialChart $445 $745 N/A N/A
Wijmo 5 Plus FlexSheet $445 $745 N/A N/A
Wijmo 5 Plus MultiRow $445 $745 N/A N/A
Wijmo 5 Plus OLAP $445 $745 N/A N/A
Wijmo 3 $245 $545 N/A N/A
OEM Licensing Contact sales for information on OEM licensing: sales@wijmo.com or call 1.800.858.2739.

* Pre-expiration renewal applies when you renew your subscription before its expiration date.

*** Upgrades include upgrading Wijmo 5 or 3 to Wijmo Enterprise, and upgrading any Wijmo product to Ultimate. Read more about Ultimate’s suite of .NET, JavaScript, and native mobile controls.

Please email sales@wijmo.com or call 1.800.858.2739 to confirm any renewal inquiries.