Wijmo 5

A Complete Collection of ReactJS Components

Expand your React UI options with Wijmo’s complete collection of JavaScript components. Our high-performance data grid, charts, gauges, and input controls integrate seamlessly into React apps, and you can fully configure components using JSX. These are the React controls you’ve been looking for.

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Explore Wijmo’s ReactJS Controls

Wijmo’s grids, charts, inputs, and gauges are feature-rich, extensible, and fast—and now they support React!

  • Lightweight: The React interop module is less that 7K in size, and our most popular control, FlexGrid, has a base size of 113 KB
  • No dependencies: Our true JavaScript controls are written in TypeScript, and you can use TSX in React
  • Easy-to-read, flexible API: Experience a low learning curve with the API
  • Extensible: Controls have simple cores with as many extensibility points as possible
  • Familiar: Grids and charts are designed for an Excel-like experience
  • Best support: Our team offers the best support and resources you’ll find for React controls.

Chris Bannon and Bernardo de Castilho discuss React components and Wijmo

A Deeper Look at Our React Controls

FlexGrid: The Best React Data Grid Available

Get the industry’s most flexible, lightweight data grid with all the benefits of React.

Basic Features

  • Row and column headers
  • Cirtualized DOM
  • Selection and selection mode
  • Column resizing and autosizing
  • Column ordering and dragging
  • Sorting
  • Paging
  • Editing
  • Cell formatting
  • Custom cells
  • Frozen areas
  • Explore all features in our basic demo
    (While this demo is in Angular, all features are available in React.)

Advanced Features

  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Hierarchical data
  • Aggregation and subtotals
  • Validation
  • Change tracking
  • Deep binding
  • Value mapping
  • Marquee and selected headers
  • Sticky elements
  • Cell merging
  • Column footers

FlexGrid: A ReactJS Data Grid



FlexChart: Fast, Flexible JavaScript Chart Control

This lightweight ReactJS chart control includes all the key features and Excel-like chart types you need.

Built-in Features

  • Flexible binding
  • Headers and footers
  • Globalization
  • Hit tests
  • Labels
  • Zoom
  • Line markers and zones
  • Axes

Chart Types

  • Column
  • Bar
  • Scatter
  • Line
  • Area
  • Spline
  • Financial charts

Mixed chart types in FlexChart, a ReactJS chart control
Mixed chart types in FlexChart, a ReactJS chart control



Input: Mobile-first Input Controls

Our ReactJS input control allows you to create hybrid apps with rich forms.

Built-in Features

  • Flexible data binding
  • Modern, clean UI
  • Min/max ranges for dates and numbers
  • Time intervals
  • HTML elements in PopUps
  • MVVM commanding on menu selections

Input Types

  • ListBox
  • ComboBox
  • AutoComplete
  • MultiSelect
  • Menu
  • Date/Time
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Masked Input
  • Popup

Color Picker in Wijmo's ReactJS Input control
Color Picker in Wijmo’s ReactJS Input control



Gauge: Touch-First Animated Gauge Controls

Our ReactJS gauge control has built-in touch features and animation.

Built-in Features

  • Touch-first interactivity
  • Ranges
  • Labels
  • Shadow
  • Animation
  • Highlight current value
  • Start and sweep angles
  • Direction
  • Text
  • Style customization

Gauge Types

  • Linear
  • Radial
  • BulletGraph

Ranges in Linear and Radial React Gauges


Wijmo 5, ReactJS, and TypeScript

True JavaScript Controls Written in TypeScript

  • You’ll get a seamless transition from Wijmo controls to ReactJS
  • IntelliSense is supported in TypeScript.
  • You’ll get design-time error checking
  • You can enjoy the benefits of ES6 today, like true object-orientation with our CollectionView class, which has the same object model as its XAML counterpart.
  • Wijmo 5 includes framework-agnostic true JavaScript controls—that means you can easily migrate between frameworks, and you won’t need a new control.

FlexGrid in ReactJS


Choose your framework

How to Choose the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Team

Voted “the most popular programming language” by StackOverflow users for five years, JavaScript is more accessible than ever. But the breadth and depth of learning resources can challenge to even the most dedicated researcher. This e-book distills the most current information on JavaScript and its supporting frameworks into a single, readable volume.

You’ll Learn

  • About JavaScript frameworks, software design patterns, and how frameworks support modern web apps
  • The basic history of JavaScript’s top frameworks, including Angular, React, Vue.js, and AngularJS
  • How to integrate a basic control in pure JavaScript and the top five frameworks
  • The SPEC method, which allows you to determine which framework will work best for you

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The Road Ahead: Wijmo 5 and ReactJS

  • Full support for ReactJS
  • We also support other JavaScript frameworks, and since Wijmo 5 controls are framework-agnostic, you can easily migrate. Frameworks include:

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