Getting Help

The Wijmo team is here for you! We’ve made it easy to learn about our controls and get the help you need.



Documentation includes code samples to help you use Wijmo and has complete API documentation for all Wijmo widgets. View Wijmo 3 documentation here and Wijmo 5 documentation here.

Support Forum

Use this forum to discuss any aspects of Wijmo. This forum is monitored by our support team and should be used to submit support issues.

Platinum Phone Support

We provide live phone support to our customers with Platinum-level support. This means you have someone on hand to answer your questions, and your development team won’t get stuck in a downtime loop. Phone support is offered Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST. Our support number is: 1 (800) 858-2739.

Support FAQs

How can I get Platinum Phone Support?

To get customer support for Wijmo you must purchase a Platinum version of Wijmo.

How can I get an account to access the Customer Support Forums?

To get customer support for Wijmo you must purchase any version of Wijmo. Purchasing Wijmo will give you a commercial license to use our product and includes customer support. Once purchased, you will be able to ask questions in the customer support forum.

Will support guarantee me upgrades?

Wijmo purchases include free version upgrades for the duration of your 1-year subscription.

How long will support last?

Support lasts for the duration of your 1-year subscription.

How should I submit a support issue?

In order to make sure we are able to solve your problem you must submit an incident in a certain format. You incident must be posted in the Customer Support Forum. Your post should include as much detail as possible. We recommend the following:

  • Create a single HTML page (without server requirements) that demonstrates the isolated issue
  • Write as much detail and description regarding the issue as you are aware of
  • Add in your thoughts as to what the problem/cause of the issue is
  • Make sure to include which version of jQuery, Wijmo and any other JavaScript libraries you are using

*Post all of the above in a new topic in our Customer Support Forum

Tip: Before submitting any issue, make sure you search our forums (and/or Google) for answers!

What is included with Platinum Support?

The table below describes the benefits of purchasing Platinum-level support.

Will I receive a customer support forum account? Yes
Will I have access to releases for my purchased version? Yes
Will I be eligible for free updates? Yes, for the duration of your 1-year subscription
Will I be eligible for emergency hot-fix builds? Yes
Can I access bug tracking online? Yes
Will I have access to bug fixes? Yes
Which version of Wijmo is supported? Versions released during your 1-year subscription
Which version of jQuery is supported? The jQuery version included with the purchased Wijmo version
How can I contact support? Via the Customer Support Forum or Platinum Phone Support
Will you help with markup and CSS issues? Yes
Which browsers are supported? Wijmo 3: IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, Chrome

Wijmo 5: IE9+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Chrome (requires browser that supports ECMAScript 5)

How long is your initial response time For our Platinum customers, we provide confirmation and attempted resolution within 48 hours (excluding weekends and observed US holidays)
How do I get Wijmo Platinum support? Purchase a Platinum version of Wijmo