Wijmo 2015 v2 has Landed

July 15, 2015 by Chris Bannon

What's New in Wijmo Enterprise Wijmo Enterprise now includes our first industry-specialized product, FinancialChart. Among that includes FlexSheet-a lightweight spreadsheet control, additions to Wijmo 5, Wijmo 3 and more. FinancialChart The Wijmo... Read More.

Wijmo 2015 v1 Has Landed

March 18, 2015 by Chris Bannon

Wijmo Enterprise 2015 v1 has officially landed. We have made some major updates to our brand new Wijmo 5 product. We have also added major new widgets and features to our Wijmo 3 and SpreadJS products. What's New... Read More.

SpreadJS 2015v1 has landed

March 18, 2015 by eric peng

I am glad to announce that Spread 2015v1 has landed! SpreadJS 2015 v1 is the fist release of 2015, enhances formulas and functions, improves many functions and designer features based on customer... Read More.

SpreadJS 2014v3 has Landed

November 12, 2014 by eric peng

I am happy to announce that Spread 2014v3 has landed! SpreadJS 2014 v3 is the third release of 2014, has foundation enhancements and lots of great features based on customer feedback, such... Read More.

Make an editable hyperlink cell in SpreadJS

October 7, 2014 by eric peng

SpreadJS has some built-in CellTypes that allow end-user input data easily, and those are also helpful for data entry validation. There are a couple of built-in CellTypes which can only perform an... Read More.

Easy to use JSON template in SpreadJS

July 24, 2014 by eric peng

SpreadJS has an intuitive Designer that allows you to design a new template or edit an existing template using the Microsoft Excel-like, visual, drag-and-drop user interface without writing a single line of... Read More.

SpreadJS 2014v2 has Landed

July 16, 2014 by eric peng

I am happy to announce that Spread 2014v2 has landed! SpreadJS 2014 v2 is the second release of 2014, with lot of cool features and some customer bug fixing. Array formula has... Read More.

SpreadJS Paging Using AngularJS

June 3, 2014 by manpreet.kaur

We can use the Wijmo DataView source (which implements the IDataView interface) to implement paging, filtering, and sorting functions. You may refer to the following link which describes the same. This article... Read More.

Displaying ImageButton in SpreadJS

June 3, 2014 by manpreet.kaur

The ButtonCellType in SpreadJS enables the users to display buttons with static text in grid cells. There are another type of buttons known as ImageButton which displays an image on the button... Read More.

No F2 key in SpreadJS?

May 5, 2014 by eric peng

In Excel, you can use F2 key to start editing in a cell. If you try it in SpreadJS, you will find F2 doesn't work. Does SpreadJS not support it? Actually, we... Read More.

SpreadJS 2014v1 has Landed

March 19, 2014 by eric peng

I am happy to announce that Spread 2014v1 has landed! SpreadJS 2014 v1 is the first release of 2014, with many new features. Full touch support has been added in this release.... Read More.

SpreadJS in Japan

January 30, 2014 by eric peng

I am happy to announce that our team in Japan have released SpreadJS! SpreadJS has been localized for Japan and will be sold specifically for the Japanese market. Japanese SpreadJS Site: http://wijmo.c1.grapecity.com/widgets/wijmo-enterprise/spreadjs/... Read More.

Add Context Menu for SpreadJS

January 21, 2014 by eric peng

Do you want to add a context menu in SpreadJS? It is very simple. No mouse down event, no left or right mouse button checking, just popup the menu in contextmenu event... Read More.

Adding Cell ToolTips in SpreadJS

January 14, 2014 by manpreet.kaur

Adding Tooltips to Spreadsheets is a common usage where you want to show additional information about cells. SpreadJS allows you to display the tooltip only for the HyperlinkCellType. However, you may want to... Read More.

Add Excel Comments in SpreadJS

December 20, 2013 by eric peng

SpreadJS has a very flexible API which provides for programmable customization. While you can change individual cells and their settings through methods, you can also make much deeper customization like owner-draw and... Read More.

SpreadJS 2013v3 has Landed

November 13, 2013 by eric peng

I am happy to announce that Spread 2013v3 has landed! This is another monumental release for us. This release includes some major new features like Excel import/export, a WYSIWYG standalone Designer and... Read More.

Wijmo 2013v2 has Landed

July 18, 2013 by Chris Bannon

I am happy to announce that Wijmo Enterprise 2013 v2 has landed. This release includes a massive list of bug fixes and some great new features. The biggest news in this release... Read More.

How To Align Cell Text in SpreadJS

June 19, 2013 by eric peng

SpreadJS provides nine alignment options by combination of two directions horizontal and vertical, allow you to show your data at proper position in the cell. Here is sample code how to show... Read More.

How to Set Cell Styles in SpreadJS

May 20, 2013 by eric peng

A Cell Style is a great way to make important data stand out on a sheet, SpreadJS provides styles to customize your text to give it the exact look you want. You... Read More.

Wijmo 2013 v1 Webcast

May 17, 2013 by Chris Bannon

Thanks to everyone that showed up for our webcast this week. It had record breaking attendance here at ComponentOne! If you missed it or want to share or watch it again, here... Read More.

How To Merge Cells in SpreadJS

May 16, 2013 by eric peng

Merging is when you combine a range of cells to create a new, larger cell. This is a great way to create a label that spans several columns or several rows. You... Read More.

How To Set Cell Value in SpreadJS

May 13, 2013 by eric peng

SpreadJS provides many ways to assign value to cells, you can choose any one of options below to set value of cells. 1. setValue/setText method Sheet object of SpreadJS has a method... Read More.

Quick Start Guide to Using SpreadJS

May 9, 2013 by eric peng

SpreadJS is JavaScript spreadsheet widget which is based on HTML5 and jQuery technology. It is very easy to use in a web page, and in this post I’ll show you how to... Read More.

SpreadJS Beta has Landed

February 26, 2013 by eric peng

SpreadJS Beta: Just Released! We've improved quality and updated some parts according to user feedback, in addition we add API ref for data model in user guide document, that might help you understand... Read More.

Using SpreadJS with Knockout

January 28, 2013 by eric peng

SpreadJS supports Knockout (KO), a JavaScript library that uses the Model View View Model (MVVM) pattern, allowing you to easily create and maintain a dynamically changing UI. You can use KO in... Read More.