Our widgets are ThemeRoller-ready and compatible with both jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. Enjoy easier integration into existing design environments. The widgets also come with rich premium themes. Save time designing, and have more time for writing JavaScript!



Theme Explorer

Explore the vast array of themes that Wijmo supports including our own premium themes as well as the 24 jQuery UI themes from Themeroller.


Bootstrap Support


Bootstrap Explorer

You have the freedom to use Bootstrap with Wijmo. All of our widget integrate seamlessly with the Bootstrap theme framework.


Premium Themes


Use the jQuery UI or jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller to create a customized theme! Just follow these easy steps to create your own theme for Wijmo.

  1. Design your theme

    Use the jQuery UI or jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller to create a custom theme. You can customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, borders and more. Read more on how to use ThemeRoller.

  2. Download your theme

    Download the theme from ThemeRoller. You can find the files you need in the “css/custom-theme” folder of the download. Simply copy the “custom-theme” folder to your project.

  3. Include your theme

    After copying the files into your project, just link to the stylesheet in your page. The stylesheet is the css file inside the “custom-theme” folder.