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    I need to update and highlight a single cell at a time in the Wijmo Grid as the update happens. We are streaming live data to be updated in the grid. I am using Knockout bindings that populate the table and update cells, but it seems whenever I change a Knockout value for an element in the table, the entire table redraws, instead of just the single cell being changed. Obviously that won’t work – especially if I’m in the middle of an inline cell edit!

    Is there a way to update single cells in a table using Knockout without redrawing the entire table on each update?



    I’m not even sure this is a Knockback thing, I did direct cell updates as the Grid docs on updating a cell – see the section “Updating Data in a Wijgrid” at

    It seems the following call will redraw the entire table, and not just a cell that has changed:

    $obj.wijgrid(“ensureControl”, true);  

    Ashish Jindal


    As of now, there is no method which can specifically update a cell. You can set ensureControl property while initializing the wijgrid so that you don’t need to set it on every update but still, it would render the complete table.

    I have made an enhancement request to the developer for adding a method which can update a specific cell or cell range. However, I cannot commit as to when/if it would be taken into consideration.

    Moreover, if you want to highlight the updated cell then you can set it as active cell using currentCell method of wijgrid.

    $(“#element).wijgrid(“currentCell”, 1, 2);


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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