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    I have added a WijEditor with toolbar customization in simple mode from the demo ( and it is working great as have added the extra buttons I want from the ‘Customize’ demo.

    What I would like to do is add the table buttons but I cannot seem to find the html to insert them and make the commands work like the other buttons.

    For example to add cut, copy and paste buttons I add the following to the ribbon div:

    <span class="wijmo-wijribbon-list">
       <button title="Cut" class="wijmo-wijribbon-cut" name="cut"></button>
       <button title="Copy" class="wijmo-wijribbon-copy" name="copy"></button>
        <button title="Paste" class="wijmo-wijribbon-paste" name="paste"></button>

    Is there a demo somewhere with this html in for tables or could someone post the html.



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