Commercial License Information

Choose from two varieties of commercial license. ComponentOne offers a Commercial Software license for developers who want to build applications. For developers who want to create their own SDK’s application builders (or site builders) based on ComponentOne software, ComponentOne offers a Commercial OEM license. Each is explained below in detail.

Commercial Software License

  • The Commercial Software license is a traditional “per developer seat” license. Each developer who works with ComponentOne software is considered a separate seat, including any developer who works with ComponentOne software through abstractions like tag libraries or data definitions rather than directly in JavaScript code.
  • The license is non-transferable. It is licensed per named user (not a floating license).
  • You may reassign the license if a developer for whom the license was purchased is no longer employed by your organization.
  • Deployment of unlimited numbers of applications to unlimited numbers of sites, users, and devices is included with the license.
  • The license prohibits combining code that you develop using a GPL licensed version of the software with code that you develop using a commercial licensed version. For instance, you may not begin development with our GPL version and then “convert” it to our commercial version.
  • The license is perpetual and includes all minor and bug fix releases but not major releases. For example, a 2.0.0 license includes all 2.x.x releases such as 2.0.1, 2.1.0, 2.2.1, etc., but not 3.0.0.

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Commercial OEM License

  • The Commercial OEM license terms vary based on your exact usage. Since customer needs vary widely in this space, each agreement is highly customized.
  • If you want to simply ship our software with new language bindings or slightly customized UI widgets, we offer terms that are similar to traditional reseller agreements.
  • If you want to embed and extend ComponentOne software in visual application builders, terms are generally fixed fee plus royalty based.