The Wijmo Rating widget (wijrating) generates a customizable star rating widget automatically. Customize the jQuery widget to your liking - wijrating is based on a set of select options, or radio inputs, or div with widget options.

Horizontal & vertical orientations

Position the Wijmo Rating widget horizontally or vertically on your page. Also set right-to-left, top-to-bottom, and reversed direction.

jQuery UI rating widget with flexible options

Flexible options

The Wijmo Rating widget includes a rich set of flexible options. For example, you can precisely set your rating value either by whole, half, or partial item selection using the rating options. Also, set whether the tooltip displays a text string or numeric value.

Selection Modes

Choose from Continuous or Single rating modes. In Continuous mode the selection is done by marking all the items starting from the first one while in Single mode the selection is done by marking a single item.

jQuery UI rating widget appearance


Customize the rating widget's shape or color using a single option.


The rating widget includes built-in animation effects, such as linear or elastic easing, that can be set when the rating widget is selected. Customize how animations are transitioned using the built-in animation transition option. You also have the ability to modify the length of the animation effects.