Tri-state check boxes in treeview

Tri-state check boxes

Node items can be implemented as regular check boxes. This enables end-users to check or uncheck the boxes to select or unselect the corresponding nodes. When the check boxes are enabled for the Wijmo Tree, you can create an action when the status of a check box changes between posts.

Treeview icons


The Wijmo Tree can display icons next to each node.


Implementing auto-collapse allows you to view only the data you need.

Expand on hover

You can hover over a node and have it expand out.

Treeview drag-and-drop nodes

Drag-and-drop nodes

You can drag-and-drop the Wijmo Tree widget on nodes, in between nodes, or from one tree to another tree. Visual cues, such as a vertical gray line, are used to show you where the Wijmo Tree is going to be dropped.

Keyboard navigation

Add access key support to give the Wijmo Tree focus with a chosen key combination. This enables end-users to use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate through the treeview items.

Add/remove treeview nodes dynamically

Add/remove nodes dynamically

Add and remove node items dynamically.