Wijmo’s Customers

CRM - Microsoft Dynamics
“With Wijmo’s extensibility model, the Microsoft Dynamics team was able to quickly customize and incorporate Wijmo 5 controls into our new release.”

—Param Kahlon, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Engineering

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Rivers Agile Solutions
“After evaluating the current data grids with Angular 2 support, we decided to purchase Wijmo. We chose Wijmo because of the strong feature set and the deep integration with Angular 2. Wijmo’s FlexGrid has a big leg-up on all other grids for Angular 2, especially since many other grids are still dependent on jQuery. My team and I are sold on FlexGrid.”

— Raleigh Johnson, Software Engineer, Rivers Agile Solutions

Thomson Reuters
“We rely on functionality of Wijmo 5’s FlexGrid in our massive next-generation platform products. Wijmo’s modern, full-featured FlexGrid with sophisticated grid manipulations is what you will find at the heart of our workflow.”

— Aaron Mendez, Manager of User Experience, Thomson Reuters

“We purchased Wijmo and their team is doing a great job: good-looking, well-thought-out architecture; documentation; keeping up with ever-changing landscape like no others.”

— BJ Jeong, Cisco


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